Community Recycling

Atlanta Polymers welcomes all household plastic recycling for residents in the Metro Atlanta GA area. We accept everyday plastic recyclable material as well as unusual or oversized items, such as plastic bumpers from cars. We do not accept polyurethane bumpers, which typically are yellow on the inside. Plastic recycling helps decrease the amount of waste being put into landfills and reduces the amount of new material needed for manufacturing. For every ton of plastic that is recycled, an estimated seven yards of landfill space is saved!

Your Home for Plastics Recycling
Most people are familiar with the recycling symbol that is on plastic. The symbol features three arrows, and on plastic products there is also a number inside the arrows. This numbering system was developed in 1988 and is used internationally to identify the primary polymer used in the item on which the symbol appears.

Your Home for Electronics Recycling
In addition to plastic, Atlanta Polymers is your Atlanta recycling center for electronics. Bring in your old computers, monitors, cell phones, and other electronic items that are not allowed in landfills. In addition to clearing out your unused items, electronics recycling also provides a valuable environmental service.

What You Can Do To Help

  • Please clean your plastic recycling items first.
  • Separate caps from bottles, and separate plastic components that are made from different polymers. Check the numbers inside the recycling symbol on each component: if they are different, the pieces should be separated.
  • Bring your items in bulk. We pay for your plastic by the pound.
  • Get your community involved! Work with your school or workplace to begin a plastic recycling program.

Contact Atlanta Polymers for information about recycling drop-off hours, directions, and more. Thank you for helping us recycle the past for a better future!